We are prepared for the New 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

We are prepared for the New 18th Edition Wiring Regulations


To get prepared for the New 18th Edition Wiring Regulations which are to become effective in Janaury 2019 we have received a toolbox talk from Hagar . The focus was on the Arc Fault and Search Detection Devices to increase the knowledge on the new products.

Why is there a change?
There have been different reasons why changes to the current regulations are under review, these include:

  • To take account of the technical intent of new or revised CENELEC (European) and if required IEC (international) documents
  • A chance to clarify existing regulations
  • A chance for new technology and methodology to be added into the regulations

Why do they keep changing the Wiring Regulations?
Changes are made regularly to the Wiring Regulations to keep electrical installations up to date and reflect the latest developments and advances in technology for protection against electric shock and fire.

Adhering to the latest regulations shows your clients that you have their well-being in mind and you’re a mindful and forward thinking business.

It is, of course, imperative that electrical contractors and installers are aware of any changes so that they can continue to offer a service to their customers which comply with the latest version of the regulations.

What could these potential changes show us?
These potential changes show that the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations will be an evolution of safety.

The NICEIC have produced this video to help people understand the changes:

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