Jordlina CCS – Earth conductor that the thieves do not like

Jordlina CCS – Earth conductor that the thieves do not like


Copper theft costs society millions every year

The problem with copper thefts continues to increase. Church ceilings are stolen, train traffic is set and graves are destroyed. Trade with stolen copper is today the third largest organized crime in Sweden. The thefts cost society millions of dollars each year. But now there is a solution. And it comes from Grimsås.

Nexans, one of the world’s leading cable companies with its Swedish base in Grimsås, has been tired of all copper thefts. Partly those who have hit themselves but also their customers and society at large. Therefore, they have developed a product that is significantly less theft-consuming.
– Jordlina CCS has a center wire of copper-plated steel. Because the line is mixed
with steel it is simply harder to recycle and thus not as interesting to steal, “says Mats Klarén, Nexans Product Manager

The importance of stopping the theft is also about human safety. To steal
Copper is associated with great risks when copper conducts electricity. Wires that seems harmless at the moment, the next second can lead to serious injuries. The problems do not seem to decrease as the world market price for copper increases. Experience is then that number of theft and tampering increase.

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